Thaddeus M Cox PhD, LPA, LPC-S
and Associates

Happiness does not lie in happiness, but in the achievement of it.

                             - Dostoevsky

One of the most perpexing  tasks in the journey to psychological development, emotional healing, and relational repair involves the events leading to one's decision to seek help and the pursuit of a ​skilled  and compassionate therapist.  Far too often, my clients  will arrive for their first session with stories about how they have tried individual or couple's therapy in the past, with unjustifiably limited results and a continuing uncertainty about the nature of their internal or relational conflicts.

My experience with clients is that a comprehensive  and empathic perspective of these difficulties and their underlying roots in the person's history and personality structure reveals that the areas in which we struggle, and how we have come to feel and behave as we do is inherently understandable and fascinating.  

Furthermore, the application of diverse therapeutic measures offers the potential to unlock our inner wounds and stuck patterns to transform these lilabilities into the greatest strengths we have to offer the world.  Many people do not believe that certain problems should be examined or underlying wounds can be healed, but the gift of getting to know and work with these clients has shown me that those assumptions are hardly ever ultimately true.  

What has often been missing is the readiness and assistance in doing so.  I assume that everyone I meet in my office is ready to begin or renew this process in a transformative way, and I invite you to explore this possibility with me.

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