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Professional Testimonials

Thad has an extraordinary ability to share knowledge without pretense. His understanding of the psychological foundations of human development and the unifying principles of psychopathology is conveyed with equal parts compassion and intelligence. He is gifted in the art of extemporaneous discourse, able to connect historical context, current research, and practical application of psychological theories across clinical modalities, always providing encouragement for further exploration. He is an enthusiastic educator, passionate about providing recommendations for additional resources for deeper study and contemplation of psychological concepts and theories.


During observation of his client sessions, I was impressed by his great sensitivity to the individual, his gentle tone of voice, and immersive focus on clinical work. He demonstrated an ability to bring his authentic self to client interactions, offering his own humanity and vulnerability in support of the therapeutic alliance, able to sit in silence, ask a question, offer insight, or ease tension with a joke. All interventions deployed with a masterful yet down-to-earth approach and unwavering respect for the client’s experience. I have had the privilege of working with several of Thad’s individual therapy clients in the context of couples counseling and it has been remarkable to witness the progress of these individuals. They frequently cite their individual work with Thad as awakening their self-awareness and fueling desire to learn more about themselves in relation to their world. Thad seems to ignite an exciting commitment to self-discovery that was previously inaccessible to these individuals. These clients bring feelings of hopeful transformation into their couples work and enthusiasm for their partners to join them in making positive and impactful changes in their lives.


The greatest and most lasting inspiration that I have experienced through my interactions with Thad is derived from his artistry with language, his ability to facilitate emotional healing with words. As I moved through graduate school and was surrounded by insistence on empirical research and rigid adherence to academic requirements, I sometimes wondered how I would maintain my personality, my individuality in clinical environments. Working with Thad allowed me to immediately recognize the value of creativity in the practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy. His effective use of metaphor to capture and illustrate complex psychological concepts to clients demonstrated the power of creative language to nurture the therapeutic alliance, to convey empathy, to provide comfort and instill hope. He showed me how my words would become my tools as a therapist, how my creativity could flourish. His use of poetic language to blend characterological insight with spiritual connection is a unique strength that continues to inspire my approach to practicing psychotherapy each day.


Dr. Cox is a highly intelligent clinician with a sophisticated view of his therapeutic work. He can
integrate psychodynamic, existential, dialectical behavioral, family systems, somatic
experiencing, and neuropsychological approaches to his work. While he is exceptional in his
capacity to conceptualize cases, it has also been my experience that his clients are well engaged
in their therapeutic work with him and make good progress, often showing an enthusiasm for
their self-discovery. He is able to address their issues with a sensitivity to the next steps needed
in their therapeutic journey, offering a variety to strategies to meet their goals.

His curiosity seems insatiable, and Dr. Cox has consistently sought out training and learning
opportunities, as well as pursuing his own interests with passion. He has always been generous
in sharing his knowledge with others, and is open to differing views and new ideas. He respects
research and empirical findings, most recently looking at neuropsychological issues, but also
works hard at developing his intuition and integrating the art of psychotherapy with the
developing body of knowledge in the field.

In his therapeutic approach, he manages to provide effective treatment
strategies within the context of a warm, approachable, and supportive relationship, often while
addressing very difficult trauma issues or painful family dynamics. Dr. Cox has sought out
settings and mentors who are interested in the complexity of the human experience, and I
believe he will thrive in a program that offers such training among respected colleagues.


Dr. Cox is a dedicated mental health professional, well versed in assessment,
diagnostics, and psychotherapy. He is highly regarded at ACTA by both clients and
colleagues, renowned for his deep knowledge of psychodynamic therapeutic
modalities, as well as mind and body wellness. He has demonstrated exceptional
intelligence and critical thinking skills, as well as great adeptness in verbal and written
communication. He often provides meaningful consultation for our clinical staff,
engaging the topic at hand with genuine passion and curiosity.

Above all, Dr. Cox has exhibited a profound dedication to his clients and colleagues.
Even if it means hours of his time advocating for a client with an insurance company,
state agency, or guardian ad litem or appearing at the scene of a psychiatric crisis to
assist emergency personnel with de-escalation and hospitalization, Dr. Cox never
hesitates to expend the effort. His dedication to the people in is life coupled with sincere
interpersonal abilities are tenants that make Dr. Cox an extraordinary clinician.

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