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Happiness does not lie in happiness, but in the achievement of it.

                             - Dostoevsky

One of the most perplexing  tasks in the journey to psychological development, emotional healing, and relational repair begins with the decision to pursue a course of psychotherapy through a ​skilled  and compassionate therapist. Far too often, my clients  will arrive for their first session with stories about how they have tried individual or couples therapy in the past, often paying too much out of pocket with unjustifiably limited results and a continuing uncertainty about the nature of their internal or relational conflicts.

My experience with clients is that a comprehensive  and empathic perspective of these difficulties and their underlying roots in the person's history and personality structure can set the stage for a different set of possibilities in life. Such formulations can perform the vital task of translating a complex constellation of intractable struggles into a path forward while deepening self-knowledge and intersubjective accuracy in significant relationships along the way. 
Frequently, such prospective journeys towards greater maturity and wholeness are amenable or even dependent upon a course of psychodynamic and/or trauma informed psychotherapy.  Occasionally, other models of psychotherapy or related interventions are appropriate in lieu of or in concert with traditional talk-therapy.   I assume that everyone I meet in my office is ready to begin or renew this process in a transformative way, and I invite you to explore this possibility with me.

Contact: (415)465-2049

Here's a sneak peek into an upcoming video essay on dissociation and addiction based on the Netflix Series, The Midnight Club.
It offers an introduction to the dissociative split termed "the borderline paradigm" framed as a "deal with the devil" gone awry.

A growing series of my psychoeducational videos is available on my creative site and Youtube.
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Please note: In addition to providing direct clinical services, I also closely supervise a group of incredibly bright and skillful trainees who continue to work under my supervision during the provisional phase of their clinical licensure. Though they have not yet reached eligibility for managed care credentialing, I'm able to offer their services at $15-$30 per session. Their levels of competence rise far above industry standards. They are also available without a waitlist, and often outside of business hours. Please see their bios.

The Dissociated Self in Hell, A Tale of Borderline Personality and Addiction in "The Midnight Club"

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